Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ex employees ask retirement fees

The Jakarta Post
City News - September 28, 2006

JAKARTA: Dozens of former employees of Hotel Indonesia, otherwise known as Inna Wisata, staged a protest in front of the hotel management's office on Jl. Buncit Raya, South Jakarta, demanding immediate payment of an overdue retirement fund.

The protesters alleged the Rp 3,722 billion fund was misused by the management. Representatives of the protesters were met by directors and were engaged in a heated argument.

No agreement was made after the meeting as protesters threatened to seek legal assistance to get the money they claimed was owed to them.

Sujono said the management should have paid the retirement funds in March this year. "They (the management) keep buying time to avoid fulfilling their obligation," he said as quoted by Tempointeraktif.

The management's industrial relations officer, Muchamad Nasir, said the company had fulfilled its obligations and the retirement fund for the former employees had already been disbursed.

When pressed by protesters to show the bank transfer slips, Nasir said it would take time to collect them.

"We didn't know that you (protesters) would come here today," he said. --JP


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