Friday, January 26, 2007

Jamsostek's Iwan accepts suspension

National News - January 23, 2007
Ridwan Max Sijabat, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

President of state-owned workers' insurance company PT Jamsostek Iwan P. Pontjowinoto said Monday he was ready to be held accountable after being suspended by the company's board of commissioners.

"According to the company's statutes, the board of commissioners has the authority to suspend a president director until the shareholders hold a special meeting to assess the condition of the company," he said.

"I will certainly take responsibility for all the decisions and policies the board of directors has made during my leadership in the past one and half years," he told The Jakarta Post over the telephone.

He said he did not believe that the disharmony between the management and the employees was the main reason for his suspension and that he disagreed with the appointment of director of operations and services Andi Achmad as acting president director.

"The reasons for disharmony are multi-interpretative. I did not violate the law, the regulations or the company's statutes and I complied with official procedures in completing my tasks," he said.

Hundreds of Jamsostek employees went on strike Thursday to renew their call for Iwan's replacement in line with the prolonged leadership crisis in the company.

The board of directors called for an immediate extraordinary shareholders' meeting to appoint a definitive president in accordance with the company's statutes.

"A shareholders meeting has to be held within 30 days to appoint a definitive president director to calm down the situation in the company," Suryo Sulistyo, a member of the board of commissioners, said in a press meeting.

The board declined to reveal what violations Iwan had committed during his tenure but said that the action was taken to salvage the company from public distrust and to heal the unhealthy situation in the company.

The Jamsostek Workers Union, which was behind the no-confidence motion against Iwan, has threatened to stage a total strike and suspend their services to the public if the government does not replace him.

The company manages a total of almost Rp 39 trillion in assets, which have been collected from 25 million workers and more than 136,000 companies participating in social security programs.

Iwan, whose term of office was originally meant to end in April 2008, replaced Achmad Junaidi, who was jailed for six years for his involvement in a graft case.


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