Thursday, October 12, 2006

Banking Industry to Establish Certification of Profession

Thursday, 12 October, 2006 | 18:51 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Six banking associations have agreed to establish an Organization for Certifying the Banking Profession.

The organization is being set up in order to increase the competencies of bankers.

“We'll create standardization for the banking profession with high qualifications and maintaining a valid ethical code,” said Agus Martowardojo, Chairman of the Indonesian Bankers Association.

Agus said that control of the banking profession should be arranged by an organization that mediates banking profession: the Indonesian Bankers Association.

Therefore, a working group will be formed in order to prepare the establishment of the certification organization and the Committee of Profession Standards.

“At the very least, we have already obtained a license this year from the National Board for Certifying Professions,” he said.

M Moedjiman, Head of the National Agency for Certifying Professions, has warmly welcomed the plan of establishing the certification organization.

“With a more open market of professional workers, we must prepare supportive infrastructure for the competence of professions,” he said.

The organization can also carry out certification functions for bankers according to existing competencies.

In addition, it can also give accreditation to educational and training institutions that provide education and training services to banking circles.

The National Agency for Certifying Professions will support the certification organization as the only organization which certifies professions of general and specialist banks.



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