Saturday, October 21, 2006

Veep admits unemployment and poverty not yet overcome

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Amid a series of successes made by the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - Yusuf Kalla government in the past two years, it was admitted that unemployment and poverty have yet to be overcome.

"In view of current economic perspectives, the country`s current six percent economic growth rate is much better than last year`s 4.5 percent, so are those in trade and inflation. It is true there is a negative grade in unemployment and poverty," Vice President Yusuf Kalla said here on Friday.

However, he added, poverty had to do with some factors prior to the fuel price hike which had caused a high inflation, while the fuel price hike was caused by external factors affected all countries in the world.

Kalla admitted that Indonesia is a big country in terms of population and territory. Therefore, the problems confronting this country are also big. To measure the achievement made by the government, certain standards are also required.

At least, he pointed out, some problems have been succesfully overcome.

"The first is security, justice and peace. Security and peace, frankly speaking are now much better. We have to admit that the present situation is much better than the four years ago," he said.

As to investment, he admitted that it was still short of expectations, but it all depended on law enforcement and others. "At present, there is keen interest in this country."

With regard to legal aspects, particularly in the eradication of corruption, the vice president said the fight against corruption has been going on well.

Because of effective and tight law enforcement against corruptors, many government officials and others have become deterred and refrained from corruption. "Conseguently, many government officials are seeiking guidance and advice for fear of committing corrupt practices."(*)


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