Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Exports to Japan Rise

Monday, 16 October, 2006 | 15:21 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: It has been confirmed that Indonesia's exports to Japan during 2006 will rise by 10 percent to US$12.85 billion, compared to last year.

“The export increase is the result of the improving economies of Indonesia and Japan,” said Husin Bagis, Indonesia's Trade Attaché to Japan, last weekend.

Husin said that the export increase was supported by the improving social, political and security conditions.
These improvements are attracting investors to come to Indonesia.

According to Husin, Japan's economic growth is supported by the channeling of Japan's investment to Indonesia and the increase of Japanese exports throughout the world, including the export of capital goods and raw materials to Indonesia.

“These capital goods are exported from Indonesia to Japan in the form of ready-made goods,” he said.

Last year, the total amount of Indonesia's exports to Japan reached US$20.79 billion or an 11.3 percent rise compared to 2004.

This amount comprises oil and gas exports of US$9.11 billion and non-oil and gas exports of US$11.68 billion.
Indonesia's export commodities to Japan include coal, electric tools and logs.

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