Monday, October 16, 2006

Because of high salary, many Indonesian pilots work in India

Surabaya (ANTARA News) - At present many Indonesian pilots are working for Indian airlines companies under a contract system scheme, for which their salary is reported to be two and even three fold higher than that they receive in Indonesia.

Information on this was obtained from Lulik Turnianto, a former Merpati airline pilot, who was currently a pilot of Air Sahara, an Indian airlines company, in New Delhi over the week-end.

On the sidelines of a "roadshow" of Bali businessmen in three cities in India - Mumbai, Bungalore and Delhi, Lulik who was living in Calcuta said there were about 20 pilots from Indonesia who were making a living in India.

"In Air Sahara, there are about five Indonesian pilots, while in Jet Air at least ten pilots are from Indonesia. Most of them are former pilots of Garuda, Merpati, Mandala and other private airlines companies," said Lulik.

"Working in India gives certain satisfaction as the salary is quite big. In Indonesia, a captain of the pilot is paid Rp30 or Rp40 million, while in India the captain`s salary can reach three folds," he said.

Most of pilots from Indonesia wanted a direct flight from India to Indonesia to be immediately opened and vise versa. But till now it was only Air India which was serving the Delhi-Jakarta route.

Lulik further noted that there was not any national airliner which served a direct flight to India, so that this business opportunity was capitalized on by Singapore and Malaysian airliners which routinely serve the flight from some cities in India to Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia.(*)


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