Monday, October 16, 2006

Govt to increase teachers` functional allowance

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government will increase functional allowance for both civil servant and non-civil servant teachers in January next year, an education ministry official said here on Saturday.

The director general for education and educators` quality improvement, Fasli Jalala said the government had already allocated Rp3.12 trillion for it.

He said civil servant teachers would have their functional allowance by Rp100,000 and non-civil servant teachers by Rp200,000 per month.

At least 2.1 million teachers are eligible for the allowance comprising of 1.6 civil servant teachers and 500,000 non-civil servants, he said.

"We have already calculated it and the House of Representatives seems to give an agreement," he said.

At present the functional allowance for non-civil servant reaches only Rp115,000 per month while civil servant teachers Rp168,000 (salary group 2), Rp268,000 (salary group 3) and Rp368.00 (salary group 4).

Fasli said the new law on teachers and lecturers would make it possible for school teachers and university lectuerers to improve their welfare. At least they may live above minimum need standard, he said.

He said the functional allowance hike was expected to be the initial stage towards teachers` welfare improvement.

An expert staff of the House of Representatives` Commission X, Ni`am Sholeh, meanwhile said that until now only 70 percent of teachers had met the standard set by the new law on teachers and lecturers. He said many teachers were not graduates of S1 (four-year university) program.

In viev of that the government needs to help the teachers improve their qualification by providing them scholarships for completing the S1 program.(*)


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